Marketing Cigarettes to Children Since 1990.

Preguntas?   I'm Twenty-Three and I am way too old for this shit.
Quote-Unquote: Young Professional.

I was told to go to school for what I wanted to do and found interesting, then I realized, "Wait, what the fuck? I could have read this in my spare time."

#Should have stayed a business major

Alexisonfire Making Announcement Tomorrow


Alexisonfire are taking the wraps off of something tomorrow. What do you think it could be? Check out a tweet from Wade MacNeil below after the jump.

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All you kids who don’t know Dallas Green before City and Colour best do yourself a favor and listen to all of Alexisonfire discography.

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There always comes a time when I remember how much I love Enter Shikari, and then listen to them repeat for a couple of weeks…

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why is 7/11 called 7/11 its literally open every hour of every week

I think it first opened on July 11th

I always assumed back when places had more conservative hours, they would always be open every from 7 AM to 11 PM.

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my girlfiend is the beesknees jk im the bees knees

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Why do people not understand that “global warming” is not synonymous with “winter is summer and summer is a billion degrees” like. Literally it means that the average temperature on earth is increasing by three or four degrees not that you should all sell your coats.

I know Fox would likely say this, but isn’t this an SNL skit?

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it’s a puff ball with other puffballs for feetzies


it’s a puff ball with other puffballs for feetzies

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I got on stage during Mixtapes…

…to do Soupy’s guest vocal part in Mt. Hope last night and I for the first time got to be THAT ASSHOLE.


I feel way too old to be that guy, but fuck it, that felt great.


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