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Preguntas?   I'm Twenty-Three and I am way too old for this shit. Moved from Seattle to Chicago over a quarter-life crisis.

Currently a Project Coordinator for a software company you've never probably heard of assisting development on software you'll never probably use.

I was told to go to school for what I wanted to do and found interesting. No regrets on the Anthropology/Philosophy degree, now just to get some motivation to use it...

That is some straight up sloth booty. I got this exploitative shot for spookyxcheerios. ;)

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Anonymous asked: you're not 23 anymore


I still keep telling people I am and forgetting I’m totally 24 now.

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The fact that my friend last night, who well admits he is not socially aware and is kind of ignorant, high fived me and was so excited when I said I am a feminist is kind of amazing.

He was raised basically by his mom and 3 sisters, and I was so happy that he understood it as it should be. Like, he asked me to correct him whenever he said anything that may be construed as a offensive or oppressive.

It made me really happy because it’s been something that has been so disgustingly hard to make sense of to people that aren’t educated. It shouldn’t be an elite group of the educated. It should be for the masses. The fact that my friend went on to say more than women should be equal but also talked about things like:
"When a girl dresses in a way that I may be like wow, she looks like a whore, I’ve now remembered that fuck what I think, it’s not my place, she is dressing not to please men, but because she wants to dress that way. I have no right to judge her for how she dresses because I can dress how ever the fuck I want and so can she!"

I don’t think I have ever heard that sort of thing come from someone who is a white male hardcore gamer, that doesn’t have any exposure to social science fields.

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You know she regrets this lmao

watch the whole video. no way she does.

It’s your juicy jewel of flavor, Ring Pop!






You know she regrets this lmao

watch the whole video. no way she does.

It’s your juicy jewel of flavor, Ring Pop!


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I had a friend start a Mariachi Death-Surf band once in Seattle. They even practiced a couple times…

I had a friend start a Mariachi Death-Surf band once in Seattle. They even practiced a couple times…

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More archive action:

Cap’n Jazz, Fireside Bowl, Chicago 1994

Nice video of one of their 2010 reunion shows.

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Anonymous asked: But porn ISNT all bad. Why do you think it is?! I mean, look at sites like AbbyWinters. The focus is on the woman's enjoyment/orgasm (they actually do come, hallelujah) and any m/f scenes are with her actual real life partner. What's so wrong about that?



What is more important, taking down an industry that profits from sex trafficking, raping, abusing, and dehumanising women & girls, or pretending none of that matters because of your personal enjoyment of some part of the industry? With that said, you can never be sure that everyone in the videos you watch consented to all activities and consented to having the videos made publicly available.

You also cannot just declare as a fact that a porn company cares about their performers & features healthy, consensual, mutually pleasurable sex as though all the women choose to do porn because it’s their #1 desired career. Economic necessity is a major reason that a lot of women end up in porn and this isn’t any different for women working in supposedly “woman-friendly” porn companies. These smaller companies are competing with the mainstream porn companies and they have to appeal to enough advertisers & viewers to make profit; you are willfully obtuse to assume that consideration of ethics is a factor in swaying the decisions of pornographers.

I looked up this Abby Winters site and its founder is a man known as the “Australian porn king,” Garion Hall, who also owns G Media. (Abby Winters isn’t a real person—he originally used the name to pose as a successful woman in the business…hmm, I wonder why!) The company refused to remove content when requested by several former models and Hall himself got busted on allegations that he’d used underage models. Whether he truly did or not is a moot point, what you want me to believe is that this man who makes money from the sexual exploitation of 18-19 year-old female performers cares about their safety & well-being. Most of these young women are poor students and accepting a wad of cash for nude modeling or filmed sex acts is not enthusiastic & informed consent.

You ask me “what’s so wrong” about non-mainstream porn companies doing the same things as mainstream porn companies on a smaller, less extreme scale. Ask yourself this. Why are you okay with sacrificing financially desperate teenage girls & young women to a world where men can pimp their bodies and profit off their sexual labour? Why are you okay with these girls & women having their future hopes & dreams ruined because those sexually explicit pictures & videos come back to haunt them later on (this is very, very common)? Why are you okay with girls & women internalising the cultural belief that their only value comes in their sexual attractiveness & ability to please males?

Truthfully I don’t care how body positive, diverse, & “pro-female” your porn supposedly is; female bodies shouldn’t be sexual commodities for your entertainment.

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German Shepherds and their floppy ears. There is nothing I do not like about this.

I want one !!!

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Did I just accidentally touch someone’s butt? I don’t know but I might have when grabbing my phone and feel really bad but I didn’t mean to it is just a crowded train…

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Fans Do Not Control The Live Performance



Brandon Gepfer of Placeholder wrote an op-ed for The Runout on how fans, regardless of some beliefs, don’t control the live performance of a show. This is of course a follow-up to Joyce Manor’s strong opinions this week on stage diving. 

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